not register net work i dint have service

i dint have service sim card problem Network not registration please solve the problem asp thank you


  • redhead
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    Sorry we are all fellow Fizz users
  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 742
    You should contact Fizz via chat service or Facebook messenger.
  • Fizzy
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    This seems to be a new/recent issue where the SIM is not activated properly.


    You have to contact Fizz support for help.


    The idea of this page is to explain how you can access the chat bubble. If you do a search in the Solution Hub related to your issue and access the help page the chat bubble will appear at the right corner.


    • You're logged into your Fizz account.
    • You're active on a help page such as
    • Simply click on the chat bubble that appears at the bottom on the right.
    • You're within the business hours: every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST).
    • You have disabled any ad blockers in your browser.


    If the chat bubble does not appear, this means that the number of sessions waiting for our answers surpasses our processing capacity. If that happens, send us a private message via Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

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