Does your mobile connection less speedy depending on the time of the day ?

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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to know if i'm the only one with this issue since Fizz just annonced that their network will leave the stabilisation phase shortly. So, by this message, I presume their network are supposed to be top notch and there won't be any important improvements in the coming months.
Personnaly, I have been having the same problem each day for a very long time. In the morning between 7:00 and 10:00, the internet connection is very quick and I have almost no problems connecting to website. But around 10:00 each day, the internet got very slow and I have connection time out a lot of the time. Same thing at aroud 12:00. Very strange. Does anyone have speed issues depending on time of day.


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    Fizz internet or fizz mobile?
  • Islam I.
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    yeah, but I don't think any info I provide is useful since my phone doesn't support most LTE bands in NA and I literally only get LTE at like Orleans mall other than that I've never experienced LTE with fizz on my phone in the last month an a half
  • HABS
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    Yes, it's my mobile connection. My internet connection at home has been flawless from the beginning.
  • HABS
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    By the way, am I the only one today not been able to give kudos.
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    I also haven't been able to give kudos. Maybe they removed that feature.
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    The speed does fluctuate, it’s normal congestion depending on users and their activity usage.
  • HABS
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    Kudos are back this morning. I'm now only 70 points short of 4500 and level 3 :-)
    Thanks to all that have responded.
    It's not only that the speed is slower. At about 10:00 some day, I can't even reach websites. The same websites I could reach without problem at 7:00 the same morning.
    I hope they will improve the speed and fiability in the future.
    Apart from that, I'm very satisfied with the service, especially at this price.
    Have a nice day everyone.
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    Stable for me!
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    Hello HABS,
    Can you please reach us by chat or facebook messenger with more details regarding the encountered issue? For more about how to reach us please check the links below:
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