Can I buy mobile through Fizz plan?

I am going o buy an iPhone through my plan. while Fizz does not have any plan including mobile phone.
Is there any option for buying a mobile?


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    Mike is right that Fizz does not sell phone devices, Fizz sells only the SIM card and monthly plans.


    Just about every phone purchased through a Canadian phone carrier today will work with Fizz.


    However keep in mind that if you purchase a phone through another carrier. they usually want to lock you in for a 2 year contract. They usually offer the phone for "free" but their plan prices are inflated. To keep you from wandering, they usually add a clause in the contract that if you terminate early (before the 2 years), you will have to pay the remaining amout on the phone. The amount is usual;y more than if you bought the phone out-right yourself through Amazon or any major retailer. So depending on which phone you want, it pays to shop around.


    The best deals can be found during Back-to-school, Black Friday, Christmas Boxing day, etc.

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