i cant acsses to my voicemail help?

when i call my voicemail its end the call in the first saconed


  • Mike
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    Did you try calling it using an other phone?
    The number is 514-647-0999
  • yes its work thanks but how i can call it from my phone its dont work even if i call the 514 number
  • Mike
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    Do you call with the long pressing of #1 or dialling the 514...?
    If it is by pressing the 1 probability, it is associated the wrong number.
  • Shilgi
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    Pressing the # 1 for a few seconds should work
  • Fizzy
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    Log into your voicemail


    To access your voicemail hold the ''1'' key on your phone for a few seconds, or manually dial the Fizz voicemail phone number.


    For many phones, holding the ''1'' key the speed dial option to reach voicemail. This may vary between different phone models.


    To manually access your mailbox, dial (1-514-647-0999). This number is valid from all locations and area codes in Quebec (514, 450, 418, 819).


    The speed dial setting "1" to access voicemail (1-514-647-0999) may vary from one phone to another since it depends on each model’s operating system. Additionally, this setting may not be editable in all phones.


    You may also consult these Fizz FAQs if you have further questions about your voicemail




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