How does the Chat Leveling up work? its so Unclear

How does the Community Chat Leveling up work? its so Unclear
Is it associated to how many best answers i have or how many times i respond on the forum.
I wasn't able to find any information about it.


  • Yelena
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    I'm pretty sure the community hub levels are related to the number of months since your first activity in the forum and not the subscription date. Also there is no relation to the number of your posts and best answers.
    I subscribed in November, but my first forum activity was in June, and now in August I'm on level 3. I noticed that the level up happens once a month, and you get 50 points for each level. Since there are 20 levels, so 20 months after your first activity you should get 1000 points even if you aren't active on the forum, but you log on here once in a while.
    I think if you disappear from the forum for a while and then come back a few months later, then your levels go up on the same day to match your total activity duration including the months when you were absent.
  • Allison W.
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    It can't be just the number of months on the forum or sibscribed to Fizz. They haven't been operational long enough to get me to my current level. And I logged in one day and suddenly went up many levels all at once.
  • Yelena
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    @Allison: maybe it is different for those who subscribed during beta testing?
  • Bingo
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  • Fizzy
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    For sure, there is a secret formula for community leveling up. If you contribute enough and give it some time, your levels will increase automatically.


    Community leveling up doesn't have much purpose other than the points gained from earning the community badges.

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