Fizz messed up; what to do?

To start, I had requested my account be deactivated, but asked to have it reactivated within the 90 day time period before my phone number would be released to the public. Fizz messed up and now are stating I cannot get my number back. What can they or I do to get my number back? Are they able to fix their mistake and take my number back from the erroneous new owner so I can have it back?


  • Gallina
    Gallina Referral code A4CEX / Code de référence A4CEXPosts: 747
    If the number has already been assigned to another member, I'm afraid there's nothing to do unfortunately.
    Have you contacted Fizz about this?
  • Yelena
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    I'm not sure if your old number could be assigned to someone else. I think it is just deactivated.
    I would try again to contact the support. They should open a ticket and escalate it to specialized team.
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