International call

Hey there!
I bought 1000 free minutes to call to Europe but it s not working:(
I can call in Canada so it s not the phone ...
Thanks for your help!


  • Mike
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    Did you active them during the activation of your plan or you modified your plan later on

    If you activate during the configuration of your plan, check you transaction to be sure that is included and you pay for it. If this is the case, contact the support

    If you modified your plan, you need to wait your next billing cycle.

    I have it to call Europe, and I do not have problems, I also use it in USA since I have U.S.+Canada coverage
  • Also make sure you did not add this in the 48 hours before your next billing.
    In any case, you can contact Fizz support by Messenger
  • Thanks for all your answers !
  • Yelena
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    So what was the issue?
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