Problem call and internet

manav Posts: 2
I moved to westmount, network is fine outside but in my apartment the network is 2 bars.
Problems I am facing:-
The other person cannot hear me on call most of the time.
Internet switches to 4g from LTE and stops working.
Their is no way to contact fizz, shitty service , chat bubble never appears, 611 says go to website


  • Mike
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    For me is working


  • manav
    manav Posts: 2
    Are you serious?
    Chat might be working for you. I am saying my internet does not work , nor is the call quality satisfactory. It was fine at my previous location. And how does your working helps me? I want somebody from fizz to respond and look into this.
  • Yelena
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    You can try to contact Fizz support by Facebook messenger.
  • __________
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    We're only customers as you are. It's a community hub where users tries to help each others. Maybe should you try to contact them by chat:
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