No more $25 referrals during stabilization period - until July 2019 ...or longer?

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This site
says: "Sorry. The referral program is unavailable during the stabilization period." ??? No more $25 referrals until July 2019 ...or longer?? Anyone know if this is true?


  • Kovid
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    I will tell you this and I'm very positive about it. The Referral program is an inherent part of Fizz.


    Fizz is redesigning the referral program but It won't cancel it. The new version might be different but it will come back. Here are some of reasons :

    -As a new player, it has to do better than its competitors to attract customers; doing as good as them is not good enough;

    -As a discount provider with no big budget, the reward program is their advertising channel;

    -This business model cannot survive without the reward program. It would be self-destructive to cancel it.

    So, be patient . It  will be back.

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