Network is back but no data

Its bad 


  • Rayl
    Rayl Posts: 118
    My data work. Try put phone airplan mode, put it back on.
  • Or try restarting your phone, it worked for me!
  • FlatFizz
    FlatFizz Posts: 33
    It's not bad, at Fizz they call it a normal tuesday
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 262
    Mine to is working
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 262
    And i think there is a Fizz in the network!
    MARROY Posts: 47
    I rebooted my phone and still no data. I then turned airplane mode on and off and data became active though only in 3G.
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 262
    At least you have 3G!
  • I don’t have internet too.
    How frustrating this is
  • Had the same problem yesterday, then today morning just went airplane on and off and it worked
  • Fizzy
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    Try enabling airplane more and disabling.  If still not working, reboot phone.


    Network is up again, but you most likely already know.

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  • Mine is working fine too!
  • Lopresor
    Lopresor Posts: 257
    Data should be working fine today
  • Whizz
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    Hello Randeep
    I am sorry abot the situation you encountered.In order to help you further I invite you to contact us via live chat or Facebook Messenger : .
    Have a nice day!
    Marius Daniel
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