No service again?



  • kingTheod
    kingTheod EarthPosts: 59
    wonderful ! we all enjoy a third-world like service in Quebec (0-:
    i thought Canada has cutting edge tech and reliable IT service..
    feel like living in developing world...that's what u get out there.
  • Devin M.
    Devin M. Posts: 2
    Same here in Ottawa, no service again. I’m fine being an early adopter and having ‘dead zones’ but consistent service outages isn’t acceptable.
  • Peenis
    Peenis Posts: 90
    Damn. Why get Fizzted again ?
  • MartyC
    MartyC Posts: 10
    I have 4 lines with fizz. No service for 3 of them. I'm in Gatineau/Ottawa.
  • E S.
    E S. Posts: 325
    It's been ridiculous for months. I lost service before 9am and again a few moments ago. I think I'm done with this company.
  • Down in Ottawa.
  • Peenis
    Peenis Posts: 90
    Still no service and I’m outside...I am waiting for an important call from the hospital. Thanks Fizz
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567

    No service for me in downtown Ottawa.

    This seems to be the repeat of last week outage


  • Anyone know if there is any great pomotions out there?
  • Peenis
    Peenis Posts: 90
    I am waiting for an important call from the hospital but I have no service..
  • No service (roaming i assume) available in TORONTO!
  • Ottawa's been down for about 20mins now. Nothing on site or anywhere indicating any issues other than customers reporting. These outages are making it hard for me to cut our other phones over :(
  • No Service here in Kanata. Emergency calls only
  • Lily H.
    Lily H. Posts: 3
    No service in Rouyn-Noranda since 9 am, and no way to contact them..great
  • Yes, down here inn Beaconsfield too (Montreal's West Island)
    Will this keep happening? I mean, as often as these days?
    It's getting annoying!
  • I've had enough!
  • No service in Ottawa.
    I have bookmarked their network status page now. Seems like it will come in handy.. :(
    They should extend the BETA period... well past April 2019. I mean give yourself a "0 incident record for 3 months" before ending the BETA. I think that is fair.
  • Lily H.
    Lily H. Posts: 3
    I just restarted my phone and its working again, you guys should try this.
  • No service in Lachine either.
  • No service in Montreal too - April 2nd, 9AM.
    I have 3 lines, and all 3 are down!
    This is unacceptable. 4th outage in less than 2 weeks.
    Fizz has great ideas, but the implementation is not acceptable.
    I will need to move back all my 3 lines to Fido unfortunately : (
  • Down in Montreal as well!
  • Han D.
    Han D. Posts: 12
    No service (data & mobile) in Brossard and Dorval too
  • Rayl
    Rayl Posts: 121
    no service in Ottawa,
  • Thiago A.
    Thiago A. Posts: 43
    Again again again...
    the problem is: they will take the whole day to "pinpoint" the problem, to find and fix... serious planning to move away...
  • KB
    KB Posts: 12
    I am back. For now. Until it stops again. Ottawa
  • Irene
    Irene 🌈 💲 🎁 REFERRAL CODE ▶ 5JATM ◀ CODE DE RÉFÉRENCE 💲 🎁 🏃‍♀️ 🕧 🌈Posts: 1,624
    Again, down la même problème du 25
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