I don't want to play this game every month

Again, my phone is off... We're not in payment part. This happens every month, you fix it after I text here and the wheel turns like this every time. This isn't reliable


  • Rayl
    Rayl Posts: 118
    Not reliable, down again.
  • Sandi
    Sandi Posts: 11
    I m dispponted too ....
    We are three at home to have FIZZ
  • Leifuer
    Leifuer Code for reference->PRHS4Posts: 461
    Same here in Quebec city

    Fizzoutage is coming again!!! Watch out!!!
  • I just noticed they say they're having problems with their network... I can cope with that for an instant. If they mess my account again, I was already checking about closing my account. If it weren't for technical issues... I'd be leaving.
  • Xily
    Xily Posts: 15
    I'm now really fed up and decided to switch to another provider (found one with corporate pricing which match the price offered by Fizz but 10000000x more reliable). This along with 2FA issues and BMO app not working on Fizz network is too much, especially given it's now many months they had the chance to fix...
  • Dallaire_M
    Dallaire_M Posts: 509
    I am agree with you, we could not tolerate service down every week.. We need a reliable service
  • I am seriously considering switching providers that this point. I tried to be patient with the launch but really how hard is this. The technology is already figured out by other companies, they just have to implement it.
  • The BMO app not working is because of Fizz too? :S Looks like I chose a bad time to sign up, missed an important call because the network is down
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567
    I am tired of the game as well.
  • It's always at this time of the month... I don't really think they're down, I believe they can't keep up. They bit off more than they could chew. First month their prices sky rocketed to make up for custom plans realising people were okay with no texts or voicemail
  • As a compensation they offered me extra data... I already have free data that rolls over, I just want a working phone. With a little notch of stability... This is just a bad relationship, just like with my first girlfriend with whom I was stupid enough to stay 3 years. I'm not going to stay 3 years with a company that keeps doing this. I get a plan with all sorts of garbage I don't need for the same running price. Custom is just smart, I save 5$ for them to do nothing anyways. I fix my own things, I'm a reliable client
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