No service again ! Why?

So 2nd time this happens! Plz fix it


  • Cambria
    Cambria Posts: 22
    I'd suggest checking once in a while to see if they have updates. None yet, though.
    Remember that this is a user-based forum; none of us actually work for Fizz, but I'm... hoping they're doing something about this.
  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 569
    No service in Ottawa!
  • Dallaire_M
    Dallaire_M Posts: 509
    No service here in Montreal.
  • ok its really frustrating. I 2nd time in a month. I am moving on.
  • Rayl
    Rayl Posts: 121
    Down in Ottawa as well
  • Darus
    Darus Posts: 6
    Looks like it. :(
  • Leifuer
    Leifuer Code for reference->PRHS4<- $100Posts: 467
    Same here in Quebec city

    Fizzoutage is coming again!!! Watch out!!!
  • Irene
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    They are up again, but for sure you already know.

    Can you please close the post clicking on the button Make this a best answer?

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