Why overcharged me once for 50 dollar ?

Last month, Fizz reminded me that my phone number failed to transform from another phone company, so I re-purchased a phone card, re-created the plan, and paid the money again, but I found that Fizz charged me twice and my data is still the same, I want to Fizz return me the overcharged money. And why can’t I even cancel my credit card binding.


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  • this is too much
  • yeah you are over paying
  • Lopresor
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    Once you activate a plan, you get charged right away and even if you cancel, your plan will still be active until the end of the month. If you activate another plan, the same thing happens and hence the double charge.
    Unfortunately I don't think the fizz support can do anything about it.
  • FC
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    You can chat with Fizz. They charged me twice late month. I chatted with them and show them my transaction, and got refund immediately. In your case, it is probably different because you actually open one account but with two plan (as you said: re-created the plan). Anyhow, you can ask Fizz. Until now, Fizz is friendly. I am happy with them.
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