This account number is not valid?

I ported(transferred) my number from Fongo to Koodo and than to Fizz. The only problem is that I cannot receive calls initiated from Fongo. Trying to call my number from a Fongo number, all I get is "This account number is not valid". I transferred another number in the same condition with no problems.
Any ideas?


  • Lopresor
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    Does your data work ? What about 4G signal and did you check your APN settings ? Many things to look into. If everything works flawlessly except your Fongo number, maybe try setting a new Fongo number.
  • Mike
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    I will try to contact fongo, since with VoIP probably they do not have well configure their system or they have a different delay
  • M T. #338
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    The transfer is not 100% completed. You may want to retry later on
  • Sebastien
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    Since how many time? It took 1:30 with Fido for me
  • Kovid
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    A couple of years ago, I had a similar problem where my Fongo number wouldn't call my home phone number. I contacted Fongo and it fixed its system .
  • Mike
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    I was reading on crtc page
    That can take 2 days
    For mobile phones, it can take a few hours. For landline to mobile or mobile to landline, it typically takes up to 2 business days. You might also experience a disruption in service while it’s being transferred, including disruptions to 9-1-1 services"
  • It will take a few days from fongo to Koodo. I guess you need wait.
  • Nefertiti
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    Thank you for answering my question. I chatted yesterday with Fizz solution hub and I was told that my problem will be taken care of. I have tried today to call my fizz number from a fongo number and now I get: "6um3 the number you have reached is not in service" and than starts calling a number but my fizz phone is not ringing.
  • Nefertiti
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    Everything is working normal now.
    Thanks for your help
    I really don't know if this is the way I have to answer to you. It looks like I am answering to my question not to the ones trying to give a handful help
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