What do you guys think about the regular internet pricing ?

Wizrdo Posts: 43
Everything is in the title. I tought it would be cheaper than that ? It's more expensive than most big current provider ! What do you think ?


  • Jonau
    Jonau Posts: 33
    Fizz internet price is ordinary
  • I chose Fizz only because they declared a good price for the Internet. My friend pays for their Internet 35 CAD for 60 Mb/c, and I also wanted this. But in reality, Fizz Internet now is more expensive than from some competitors. It makes no sense, in that case, I prefer another Internet provider.
  • J D. #792
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    I would say 45~50$ for 60M and 55~60$ for 120M will be more reasonable regular price for Fizz, as Fizz doesn't offer call support as other ISP do.
  • Nate W.
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    I think their pricing is not on par to "competitive" pricing ...
    If we compare the mobile pricing , so far the intro pricing is still very competitive and among the cheapest minus those issues they have pending ...
    However, the Internet pricing i find is ridiculously high.. people looking to pay will surely pay more with a technical support on the other line... not having to deal with chat bubbles!
    Internet service on the other hand demand less effort to deploy as the network is already that of videotron and nothing new to implement .
    Hope they adjust it to a more competitive level... because i find it hard to believe someone loooking for a bargain would choose fizz over other 3rd parties with better support and similar internet speed.
  • The prices are not competitive, for the same money I can get support and better speed with Videotron
  • Sebastien
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    Got 300 mbps with my actual provider for a 2$ difference with 60 mbps with Fizz, but for 1 year only. So now, I don't even consider it. But maybe next year.
  • Kovid
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    For customers in the Ottawa area, it's not competitive at all.
    Fizz should revise down their internet pricing scheme
  • You hare reason my internet plan with bell fibe is for 300 mgb 65$
  • It seems more expensive than i thought, although cheaper than Bell
  • It's a disappointment. I hope they are reading these comments
  • I also agree that I expected better. I ended up going with Fizz because I really didn't felt like having 2 providers but was extremely sad to miss the beta and pay a very ordinary price.
    I'm not sure I want to go over the fuzz of dealing with Videotron's discounted price for just one year, and argue with them just to save 89$.
    But I did a couple of speed test and wasn't impressed. If this stays like that, I might change my mind and sign up with Videotron directly.
  • The 120 Mbps for $75 isn't terrible. However I'm getting 65 Mbps for $50 with Virgin. I'm hoping to switch my Mobile plan to Fizz though. $40 for 8GB and unlimited calls + text? Now that's a steal. To bad I missed out on beta pricing for internet. I'm surprised I was never invited or targeted in marketing campaigns.
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