Why does Europe 1Gb travel add-on doesn't work?

Arrived to Ireland today and here is what happened. I wasn't able to buy an add-on without connecting me to free Wi-Fi. You add-on description says that we can buy an add-on without active data. In reality it's not. Then I went and purchased 1Gb Europe data add-on and it doesn't work. I rebooted the phone and reinserted the SIM - still no internet. The chat bubble is not available from Europe. How I can get my data or my money back?


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    Have you enable Roaming on your phone ?
    Is your phone compatible with Irish mobile networks ?
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    Have you tried this link https://fizz.ca/en/faq/resolving-issues to initiate chat with Fizz
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    Thanks, that magic link worked for me and I got a support chat bubble. So, it's available from Europe. But the person told me that my add-on purchase stacked in their system and still pending. Strange, because I already see it on my plan page and my credit card was charged in 1 min after purchase. They started a ticked and I'm waiting for resolution.
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    You will have to get Fizz on chat on messenger or with the link that M give you.
  • Double check your APN settings for Fizz (the APN mobile.bm). If you were back home on Fizz home network before leaving, and you hadn't set the APN to use mobile.bm as per the page below, then data works using Videotron's default APN settings. However whenever you are off the home network, on Fizz EXT, or on another network in another country, the Videotron APN won't work and you need to use the real Fizz APN. So double check those settings with the below, then hopefully you will be able to come online:
  • @David,
    There is no way to see APN settings with Fizz SIM card on my iPhone. I reinserted SIM card and didn't see any cellular provider update. It works just fine with Bell SIM card without reboot.
  • The issue with Fizz SIM cards is that the APN is just plain wrong with just the SIM. You have to manually change it. I searched Google for changing APN on iOS 12 and found this. Maybe it helps: https://www.eir.ie/support/smartphonehelp/?page=device/apple/iphone-xs/topic/mobile-internet/how-to-set-up-mobile-internet-apn-settings
    Admittedly most other carriers, the APN settings are pushed from the SIM automatically and correctly. This doesn't seem to be the case with Fizz SIMs which seem to pre-load the Videotron APN which only works while on Videotron towers for a Fizz customer.
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    Fizz roaming package in China works perfectly in China. I enabled mine when I'm in China. It took a few hours to be effective.
    My sister did it when she is in Ottawa, so her Fizz data works when we left plane in Hong Kong.
    We both use iPhone 7. IOS 12.1.3. no extra config needed for China.
    Just wait one night and do a phone phone reboot.
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