Are any extra charges if I use my phone outside of Quebec, such as in Toronto?

I live in Quebec and plan to travel Toronto, will I incur extra fees if I use my phone there?


  • Did you sign up for the Quebec only plan or Canada coverage or Canada and US?
    If Quebec only than using phone near Toronto will cause extra charges. But you can pay for an Add on so it won't be too bad.
  • Sebastien
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    Also, if you next billing cycle is before April, I might re command you to take Canada plan instead of Quebec (if it's not not yet). It's will cost you an extra 2$ only, but if you wait too long to change your plan, you'll lost the introductory prices and it will be more expensive. If you change before the next billing cycle, your introductory price " will remain into effect for as long as you keep it."
  • DinoS
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    No if you have Canada wide coverage
  • Md U. #2268
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    Canada wide coverage plan is the best bet to avoid any unexpected issues
  • You will need canada wide coverage, you can temporarily add it to your plan and remove it once you come back from toronto.
  • Allison W.
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    As everyone has said, if you have the Canada wide plan, there are no extra costs when you go to Toronto.
    If you have the Quebec plan, you will not end up with a surprise big bill. Your phone will simply not work unless you have purchased an add-on for use Canada wide, or you have added money to your fizz wallet.
    You cannot simply move to Canada wide before travelling and back to Quebec when you get back. This sort of change does not take place until the next billing cycle.
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    Don't use "Wallet" feature, you'll have a lot of surprises. There is so many bugs with this feature.
    If you had to then buy travel Add on : < My plans>, , , enter Canada as country.
    Don't forget to turn roaming on
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