One referral not showing up in my referral list while referrals weren't working?

My referrals have been restored, I can finally view them, however during the time that the issue was occurring, I had recommended a friend, and I don't see his referral in my list. Who would I have to contact to get this resolved?


  • samisheikh
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    I messaged support on Facebook, and this is the response I got from them. I’m also including my request to them:
    My request:
    Hi Fizz, my phone number is 514-xxx-xxxx. I referred a friend (450) xxx-xxxx- Alexandre B, but I don’t see his referral in my
    Profile. At the time when he signed up, fizz was having issues with referrals. None of my referrals were showing up. Please assist.
    Their response:
    You reffered Dorothee P and Thibault P., try to reffer again Alexandre following the instructions from here:
    If you have another questions we still here to help you.
    Thank you for your fidelity and we wish you a great day from Fizz Team.-Alexandra
  • samisheikh
    samisheikh Posts: 192 ✭✭
    Now I got the same message as Rose H, they have their backend team looking into this. Initially they weren't believing me. I had to message a few times in order to convince them. I will update this thread once I have more info.
  • Nicolas G. 6244
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    I'd like to say that I too, invited my roommate and even filled the sign-up form with her, thus ensuring the referral code would work adequately. It never appeared in my referral bonus page. I thought this was either a bug or it would appear here after the 2 months they mention. So I just waited.
    But yesterday, I did the same thing with my girlfriend and she appeared in the referral page as soon as her phone number was transferred, 15-20 minutes later. It is now showing "Pending" next to her name. Clearly referring to the 2 months of paid cycles prior to the bonus to be applied. Yet, still no sign of my roommate as a referral bonus...
    I know this company is starting and all, they have higher priorities and it's totally understandable. But this is a company with no point of sales, by design. Other than their marketing, we are their only "representatives" of some sort. We are allowing them to be heard of on another medium, rather than ads exclusively, therefore this shall not be considered a "minor" problem, in my opinion.
    Anyway just wanted to share my experience so far, hoping for the best.
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