Can a "ghost" sim card activation prevent me from subscribing to home internet?

Hi guys,
I remember reading that a fizz user had a bug with a "ghost" notification telling him to complete a sim car activation. It seems that this issue was preventing him to be able to add home internet. Did this happened to anyone else? I have a similar pending notification in my account. Although I didn't specifically received an invitation email for home internet, I read that many users were able to still add it, seeing the option available in their account.


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    Beta internet is on invitation. Fizz chooses subscribers depending on their location that suit their tests.
    That's a notification bug and there is nothing to do with home internet.
  • If you see an option to choose home internet then you can probably subscribe. It seems more people are getting the option without receiving an invite...even people not on the original beta test. Guess it's going mainstream soon.
  • It's not fully activated. I was in this stage before and use Chat. Fizz finished the left activation procedures for me.
    After you can do your internet part.
  • Many user see it and many don't neither, you're not along. No worry and just wait. Check the "Get started" every day to see if you get the internet subscribe link, or check your e-mail to see if you get invitation.
  • I had that "ghost" notification for a imaginary Sim activation in my account for a while add I still actually have it.That didn't prevent me from receiving a Beta internet invitation by mail so no worries about that.
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