US Roaming- Talk & Text

How much does talk and text cost when roaming in the US, if you're on a Canada plan? I don't need data while in the US.


  • ReneD
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    I believe it's 0.25$/min. if you use your wallet and pay as you go.
    Otherwise, you need to buy an travelling add-on for US. which you can find in the manage my plans page on your account.
    Chizz :))
  • M T. #338
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    Pays as you go
  • M T. #338
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    Add on rates
  • Ann H.
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    If your USA trip is in your next billing cycle, you can simply change to USA plan and it will be valid next month. You can switch back to Canada plan after. It's $8 more than Quebec coverage (or $6 than Canada package).
    If you just go there for a few days, buy add-on or pay as you go (put money in wallet).
  • DinoS
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    5 cents per text and 25 cents per min call.
  • I agree with Ann H. If you know in advance when you are going to the US, just add the US to your plan. You can remove it once you get back. This is most economical unless you don't expect to talk/text much in which case go with pay as you go or add on option depending on your needs.
  • Just came back from the States. For the extra $6 if you can add it to your plan, having roaming data is totally worth it. Came in handy more than once when I got lost. If you are just going for a couple of hours or a day, PAYG may be your best bet. Used to buy a roaming SIM for the US that cost about $3 per day, If you are planning on visiting the States more than once in a year, the roaming option may be worth keeping on.
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