What are the pros and cons of choosing Fizz?

Hello Fizz!

I wanted to group the information about the Pros and Cons of choosing Fizz to help people if the shoud whether or not choose Fizz.



Please reply to complete the information.


  • Great response Hugo!
  • You could probably add introductory prices to pros, at least for now. Also the fact that you need to bring your own phone is a con for some.
  • Shilgi
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    What’s anoying is that they do not have a phone line to contact them when u have a problem
  • DinoS
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    Pros; low cost, data gift, data carryforward
    Cons: growing pain not finished yet. Tons of bugs. No live call support. No local place to buy voucher and sim card.
  • HugoLH
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    @Tom K. Thanks for your suggestions, I've added them :)
  • Fun and user friendly website
    Quick setup for new customers
    Really quick and easy porting of numbers
  • HugoLH
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    @Andrew T. Thanks, I've added your pros :)
  • Pros: Good USA roaming plan on AT&T and T-mobile in USA
    New mobile company with renovation ideas
    Cons: Can not port in landline or voip number directly.
    JROCK Posts: 98
    I've been away for a while, but I would put the community in the list of Pros :)
    Note: It's amazing to see how this community exploded after a few months! I was one of the first on here...lol and now I see so many people!!
  • I think the rewards program is a great pro also Hugo.
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    @Rose H. Thanks, I've added your suggestions.
  • HugoLH
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    @JROCK M. Thanks, I've added your suggestions.
    Indeed, the community have exploded after the first network issue.
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    @joshua K. Thanks, I've added it! I was sure that I had already added it, but I was wrong :)
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    Please close this
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    Simply love it.
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