Problem with wireless adapter or access point

Problem with wireless adapter or access point - this is the issue why i cant connect to the Fizz internet - please tell me how to correct. Tks


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    Better if you contact Fizz CS through their chat. here
    A small bubble chat will appear at the bottom right after few seconds, an agent will gladly help you
    Chizz :))
  • M T. #338
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    Have you configure your APN parameters :
  • DinoS
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    You need isolate the problem first. If it's laptop, bring it to tim hortons to see if you can connect, if you can. Then it's access point problem.
    Also use different PC or phone to access point, if all can't connect, it's either access point problem, or it's your wifi password is not right.
    Most of time you input the wrong wifi password, if it's new modem from Fizz.
  • Can you clarify your question ? Are you talking about Fizz mobile or internet?
  • tom N.
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    I’m talking abt the internet. I complete the steps but when I get to the step where I am supposed to check the connection on my computer and open an internet browser to complete Step 5 - nothing happens
  • I had an issue connecting to internet on the fizz LTE network on my iphone SE. I installed the latest update (ios 12.1.3) for my iphone via itunes while connected to my pc and now it works.
    Hope this helps
  • Shilgi
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    its best to contact fizz for this problem
  • Are you using your own wireless router or is there one bundled with fizz's internet modem? The later should work easily, however, in the first case, you sometimes need to reboot your rooter so the modem can give it an IP adress upon startup. I had to do that with my last internet carrier.
  • If you're using your own router, its important to set the modem/router provided by Fizz in bridge mode, and you can use your router in DHCP (Router mode). Otherwise, it won't work. Additionally, if you'd like to use both, then your own router must be in access point mode. Similarly, wireless adaptor for your computer may only be able to detect the 2.4ghz band if its Wireless N.
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    You need to reach out to Fizz via chat for help
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