Best router for Fizz Home Internet?

So, I think like most of you with Home Internet can conclude that Fizz's included modem for Home Internet has really really bad Wi-Fi. I read that some of you ended up connecting your own router to it to get better Wi-Fi.
I'm no expert in networking, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend me some good routers that will allow me to get best speed possible? I got the 60 mbps plan at the moment. I aim to upgrade to 120 if it comes back in the near future, so I would want a router that can support that.


  • Google WiFi. Great coverage in the whole home
  • Exactly the included modem can aid on that
  • since yesterday i saw a most recent posts from a guy with the same problem it got solved by the community just chekc it out buddy
  • yes datalink or share2go are two model you can find for a good price on Amazon
  • just unscrew the bottom of your device you will see a gear looking like a clock turn it one quarter and a half to the left you willl be able to enjoy faster internet for a fraction of the price as you can use every ethernet cable to launch your beta internet good luck :)
  • it will be hard in the beginning to find these bolt im talkin of but this is for the model sm-g956w only and maybe its not available from where you are depending if you are in ontario or Quebec
  • Fizz is good :) !
  • Been getting a couple of new replies lately. So, for those who are interested, I ended up getting Google WiFi and it fixed all of the issues I've had.
    Hope that helps~
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    Not really a choice.
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    Those that come with fizz
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