Do referrals work the same way for internet service?

Can I get a $25 credit for home internet with a referral if I already have mobile service? Does the $25 credit be applied to the monthly internet charge the same way it is applied to the mobile monthly charge?


  • I'm more concerned if I can get $25 if I refer a friend to use Fizz internet when it's launched. I guess the answer will be yes.
  • No , you can t refer yourself for the home internet since it is by invitation ..
  • Fizz is good :) !
  • Yelena
    Yelena Code de référence -> W6TSVPosts: 1,858
    Just referred a friend for home internet only. He input my referral code. Both of us will receive 25$ referral bonus
  • Gualberto
    Gualberto Posts: 340
    Yes absolutely.
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 271
    No you are already subscribed, you cannot
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