A few things that would be nice to see added

Hi, this "question" is mainly for Whizz to answer but id still be curious to see what other people think. First of all, the addition of telling you when your plan expires on your account dashboard would be a nice feature if it isn't added yet since I can't seem to find anywhere that tells me when my plan will renew except for me looking at the invoice of the day I paid and adding a month minus a day. The other feature would be to still add a data meter for account that didn't select data for their plan. The reason being is that I'm up to 600mb of upgrade and perm data but I can't see exactly how much data I have remaining appart for the meter I have set in my phone. It would be nice to see these features implemented as it would help alot for account monitoring. Thanks, let me know what opinions you guys have.


  • I would really like all that but also and mostly an app so we can see all the info easily from the phone instead of using a browser bookmark and login in every couple of days
  • I'm sure it's on the "required list". This should be on top of Fizz "to do" list.
  • Guys, application development cost money! A lot of money. Would you like to pay more for the service with a dedicated app or without and have a lower prices? I prefer to pay less for the service. Rogers has a very good app, so why did you switch to Fizz?
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