Roaming not working. US option not activated on plan change?

Added USA to my plan, but roaming data not working at all..


  • Buy addon. it's better than adding money in wallet.
  • I did it last billing cycle. The changes posted online already, but no working data yet.
  • I love being treated like an idiot. I'm telling you all no issue with the phone, all settings are correct, plan changes posted on the new billing cycle and show online, email received about it. My number is just missing a config knob from fizz.
    But please, if it makes you feel useful, ask me if I turned it off and on again.
  • Jonau
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    A smart person should put more details in the question so "stupid question" would be asked.
  • M T. #338
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    We don't mean to offend any one. We only try to help
  • Allison W.
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    @ Stefan, no one is trying to insult you. No one can see your level of technical ability beyond the simple question you asked, and asking if you have roaming data enabled is a perfectly legitimate question, and something many people overlook, particularly with the dire warnings of high costs that pop up when you enable roaming.
    I'm sorry that it seems that your plan change hasn't been properly done. You're not the only one who has complained about plan changes not being handled properly. Unfortunately, there's no way around contacting Fizz customer service to remedy this problem.
  • GM27
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    Theres a difference between PLAN and ADD-ON.
    A plan is a prepaid monthly basis and any changes to it will take effect after paying the next month's bill. Thus if your billing date for next month is on the 15th, then any changes before that will not work.
    An Add-on works right away. Its an extra service you pay to use now. It will not continue over on the next bill.
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    An alternative: if you have an esim enabled device, check out Airalo. You can get 1GB of data valid for 7 days for 3$.
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