Data Rollover not working ?

Hello !
I took the CAN/US 8GB plan the 27th of November and used less than 1 GB in the month.
Mid December, I did a plan upgrade to 12GB CAN/US.
I got a text message the 22nd saying that 7GB had been rollovered to next month. That was the first red flag, I still had 5 days in my month.
I got a text the 28th that 0.19GB has been rollovered, and now I see 12.19GB, instead of 19.19GB. Where is my 7GB ?
Edit :
That's weird, I wrote a message that the chat closed in my face and it was deleted by admins, that's super shaddy.
I was able to chat with someone and they did a ticket to a specialised team..


  • I just tried to initiate a chat with a representative and it closed in my face..
  • I also did a plan change too and my cycle will be in 7 days. I hope the rollover works fine. Anyone that did a plan change and the rollover is not successful and if you got a chance to chat with Fizz support, can you let us know what support said? Will it be reseted after plan change or it still rollover?
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