Who is the courier

I wonder who is the courier? is it Canada Post? I mean, should I stay home and wait, or just to check mail box. Thanks


  • E S.
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    The courier service depends on the area. The courier (Planète) in my case stuck the sim card in the window and did not ring the doorbell, but I got an email shortly thereafter.
  • mine was not Canada post, it was a private company. Based on that they will not go to your community mail box, and direct to your address
  • courier company if you paid 5 dollars free by canada post me by courier my sim arrived in less 1 hour (laval)
  • From Montreal and it wasn’t Canada post. But you will get an email when it’s delivered. That’s how I found out and rushed downstairs and it was stick to the front door (since I live in a condo). It was a Saturday so I was home. Basically they don’t ring the bell.
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