Voicemail Not Working for Callers When Not Answering Phone - Please Create a Ticket and Sort Out?

After successfully setting up voicemail last evening 12/19/18 (pin is correct, accepted recording, etc.) on an iPhone 6 and running the latest 12.1.2 and no carrier settings updates required at this time. People who call me are unable to actually get my personal greeting recording and rather get the "you're calling from a different phone, please enter your pin message on the account" (something like that).
I've setup this phone for emergency calling and ways for others to get in contact and have chosen zero data (if that matters).
I did however select and pay the $1 for voicemail when registering the SIM 23 days ago, though I don't see it listed on my plan/account when logging in (though I'm uncertain if I'm supposed to).
This is what I see when clicking "manage plan": Voice: Unlimited minutes • Text message: Unlimited text messaging • Coverage: Canada + USA
Here's my 1st Month/Activation Receipt details:
Your monthly plan
Miscellaneous fees
Customized phone number (One time fee)
Please create a ticket and correct why voicemail is not working and sort out my account asap!


  • Whizz
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    Hello Dale,
    The ticket escalated for the issue you reported was flaged as "fixed", a new PIN has been sent via SMS, but I see that you answered to the e-mail your receive from our team informing us that the issue persists. I've just reopen the ticket adding all the information you provided.
    Have a lovely day.
  • was the solution resolved for anyone? I have the same problem cal forwarding doesn't bring me to my greeting, just to a massage "seems like you're calling from an unknown number..." sounds like this is the number to log in to my voicemail settings
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    @Daniel to get this fixed go ahead and and contact them through chat bubble or contact form, the only way to get them to fix this is enough complaints!
  • R S.
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    this still seems to be a problem, right?
  • To whom it may concern.
    I had a chat with Fizz again. the result is that my Phone is not compatible with Fizz/Videotron.
    my phone Model is ZTE Z222 so whoever has this phone i guess would have the same problem.
    to find out if your phone is compatible check via https://willmyphonework.net/. You enter the phone company, model number, country and provider Please choose Videotron, Fizz is not yet available.
    if your phone is compatible, you have to connect manually thru your phone to Fizz Network,
    Fizz EXT is not good enough
  • Daniel, Thanks for the info but the info isn't accurate because obviously Fizz wants you to use their own network rather than their partners so they consider this to be incompatible, however even you have a compatible phone you will still be connected to FIZZ-EXT in some areas and you will have the same issue with voicemail, so while changing your phone will help but this issue remains an issue.
  • did anyone try to connect manually to Fizz network from a compatible Phone?
  • DinoS
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    yes i did configure apn manually for fizz.
  • and voicemail still not working? does it say on your phone Fizz or Fizz EXT
  • The issue is consistent on when you are on FIZZ-EXT.
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