Marchant category code (MCC)

Does anybody know if payment shows as recuring bill on Tangerine cashback MasterCard ?


  • It does not show up on Visa cash back at Tangerine's parent company Scotiabank either. Contacted Scotiabank today via Infinite support we will see where that gets us.
    Visa and Mastercard may not have Fizz in a correct merchant category both... someone has to break the ice. If you message Tangerine too let us know how it goes?
  • I think it's the payment processor that attributes the mcc. Visa and mastercard have nothing to do with that. Fizz needs to contact their payment processor to get this corrected.
  • Misha T.
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    The merchant category code is still not updated at the processor used by Fizz or the CC company. Do not bother contacting Scotia or Tangerine they cannot do anything further, I tried and they recommended we contact the carrier.
  • I tried a payment today and its still not categorized in recurring payment with my credit card.
  • Mike
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    It is not a recurring payment, someone answer on an other post
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