Data and voice Roaming tested?

Did anyone try the data/voice/sms roaming in south america yet? I am planning to travel and I want to consider options, like Mexico, Cuba, Brazil


  • Went to Mexico recently. Purchased 1GB / $5 data package for Latin America. Out of 3 local operators, I could only get data working on AT&T Mexico in 3G. I had to select operator manually on my phone to connect to AT&T. In auto mode phone would connect to Movistar, I'd see H+ data connection, but I was not able to access internet. Connecting to Telcel would not show any data at all.
  • Also interested in this. I'm particularly interested in making / receiving calls in Mexico. The "Travel Options" list "N/A / minute" for calls. Does that mean calls are not available or that calls are not charged?
    Let us know. Thanks,
  • In answer to my own question, according to Fizz's FAQ (, it appears that roaming calls are not yet available:
    "You will not be able to make calls while roaming outside Canada and the US. Roaming calls will be available in 2019.
    In the meantime, when you travel outside Canada and the US you will be able to use data, and send/receive texts. To make and receive calls you can use messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger."
  • I was able to receive text in Mexico, but could not send it. Voice calls did not work either way. I would get an error message trying to make a call. When calling my Canadian number from another phone I heard "number is not active" . Data was working fine only with AT&T Mexico.
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    Hello everyone. Just came back from one week in Cuba and Fizz worked fine. I bought a 5$ travel add-on for 1GB of data. I had 3G to LTE reception in the hotel, from hotel to airport, and in airport with CUBACEL. I was also receiving my SMS ok. Note that receiving SMS wherever you are in the world is always free with Fizz. I had also put 5$ in my wallet in case, but the travel add-on was used first (as it should be). Just wanted to share my experience as I have seen many questions on the subject.
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