Sim card not received?

I paid for the 2-hour delivery and I received an email after (3 hours) that it was delivered. Unfortunately, I was not at home at that time (past the two hours). I looked everywhere for it, couldn't find anything.
I am seriously considering just getting that $11.50 refunded (sim card + shipping cost) and not bothering with Fizz. Not being able to contact customer service (or waiting days to get an answer on messenger) is unthinkable in 2018.
Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. I would also like to hear if it is worth signing up for those who are already members.


  • E S.
    E S. Posts: 322
    Be aware that the courier might stick the sim card to a window or a door without ringing the doorbell and may not use your mail slot. Double check your doorway outside (from experience).
  • i have ordered 3 sim cards, to 2 different address, in reality i received nothing, and have been waiting for ages more than 10 days to get refund.
    I dont think this company is functioning well, totally not trust worthy, and not able to solve problems at all.
    its not big amount of moeny, but shows the in competence for this company!!!!
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