No Service on Brand New Account?

I just signed up for Fizz and got my SIM in the mail (two days late but thats beside the point). I've activated my SIM and made sure my iPhone 6 is unlocked. I got my email saying my account is live and my number is ready but then I got an email saying my number couldn't be transferred. I signed up for the customer service appointment (B S but whatever) and I've also changed my number on my profile but my phone STILL shows NoService. I've message them on facebook, twitter and through the complaint forms on the website but still haven't found this elusive chat bubble (I'm pretty sure I've been on every page of this f ing site). INCREDIBLY disheartening. I even tried contacting Videotron to ask if they knew what the heck was wrong with the people running Fizz or if they had any phone numbers and they said we own the company and then later in the conversation they said 'we are not associated in anyway with Fizz' which is an outright lie... you own the company people!! Extremely disappointed with this. If I dont see an improvement (aka. even 1 bar of service) I will be disputing all charges on my credit card and taking legal action if they don't allow me to unsubscribe.
Any suggestions for similar situations?


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