US, Internet? Poor-trickle mode == non-existent

While service is fine around Montreal, I had bad luck in US, while US add on is set on my plan. Traveled Montreal - NY.
Phone is literally in "trickle" data mode. I've got LTE for 1-3 seconds out of 10-15 minutes. The pattern looked very regular, so it looks like deliberately set rather than random tech issue.
I had very bad situation while driving: when my Waze, I set my route while WiFi, is crashed while driving. Obviously, there is no way to "catch" these few seconds of internet and build a route with navigation.
So, I gave up and switched to Fido SIM card (Roaming). Fido had no issues with data whatsoever.
I've tried to turn roaming with Fizz sim on along the route - no luck. My phone is H815, LG G4 international. No locks. Worked perfectly in US, Mexico, Russia, Europe.
Now, why I paying for non-existing service than?


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