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I switched from Bell to Fizz in june, its my second billing cycle now, I would like to share my experience here to whom considering to switch to Fizz. First, its a very creative company, the website is user friendly, full of amazing ideas, gifting data or asking for data gifting, change plan whenever u like, data roll over, etc. Second, the reception is good, only one time i went to rockwood conservation area, in an area no signal, that wont bother me at all, it lasted about 5 mins, then back to normal.

I hope my review help. have a good day!


  • BeakBird
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    Happy to see that you are having a good experience.

    FYI, you can only post your referral code in the forum sections dedicated to referral code posts and in the data sharing section if you ask for data.

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    Thanks for the review. My experience is very similar except occasionally, I get dropped calls. Havent had one though in the past 2 weeks.

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    Nice man glad that your loving here! Cheers! ⚡️🙌