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This evening I installed the Fizz modem/router into my home with what should be 400/50 service, and after testing the default connection (tested 100/50), set the modem to bridge and let my home install MikTik router + mnaged UniFi switch + APs takeover to do the heavy lifting.

The previous service was 120/50 and I easily got 100/50++ via wifi. Now with Fizz Im barely getting 70/40. The Upload has gotten close to 50 on a few tests but download never higher than 68.

The only variables that have changed in this equation are the modem and service I'm paying for.

Located downtown / ville-marie. Anyone else experiencing slow speeds?


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    There's a self diagnostic tool and a built-in speed test in their app.

    If you try to contact support they'll most likely ask for the usual steps of rebooting it and asking you to try those steps.

    If all else fails support will have to send over a technician.

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    My plan is 400/50, tested several times and was getting ~80/40, rebooted the modem and my speed is back 😉.

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