My mobile data doesn't work anymore

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A few days ago my phone mobile internet data stopped worked. I can still call and receive calls and when I have Wi-fi my internet works... but when I go outside my mobile data doesn't work anymore.

On my phone's notifications it says "Sign in to Network" which means I cannot connect the network.

Now, I have troubleshot and turned off my phone, removed my sin card, and checked that I have mobile data turned on and airplane mode is turned off and it still doesn't work. Now I am out of solutions and don't know what else to do.

Any suggestions?

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    Hi @melbards

    It seems that you used all your data

    You can check in your account , connect to your account and go to my p’ans

    If this is the case you can

    • ask for data to other members as gift
    • Buy an addon
    • Put money in the Fizz’s wallet ( should be available only for Québec members at the moment)


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