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Can I use VoLTE in this case? I just wondering.

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    Hi @Neycho

    VoLTE is voice over LTE, the data are not counted towards the calls, but you need to have one of these conditions

    • Unlimited calls (which you don't have)
    • money in your Fizz's wallet
    • an addon

    Moreover, y our phone must be a VoLTE certified phone by Fizz https://fizz.ca/en/faq/compatible-devices


  • Astaral
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    I don't think so, VoLTE is essentially just what the voice calling runs on, you would still have to pay for the minutes i believe

  • jvh_NVPF2
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    If you're using apps like Whatsapp/Messenger it is done over data/VoIP

    If you're connected on 4G/LTE and VoLTE is turned on and you have minutes as an add-on/money in wallet you can use VoLTE

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