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I travelled outside of GTA today where Fizz network was not available so my phone automatically connected to Fizz ext. Some areas for some reason did not have good data speed so I manually selected one of the available networks that works better. Anyway, after returning home, I turned on "automatically select network" on my phone and I was expecting my phone to reconnect to Fizz. I even restarted my phone and for some reason, my phone was still connected to Fizz ext.

So I just manually connected to Fizz and turned on "automatically select network" and now my phone stays connected to Fizz. Is the service supposed to work like that? I thought it's suppose to prioritize Fizz. Why didn't my phone automatically switch to Fizz?

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    Salut @kaitokun

    No is not supposed to work like that, but probably they still need some adjustment from their side

    When you are back under the Fizz coverage, the phone must connect automatically to Fizz with the automatic network selected


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