Whizz actions causing rule violation being blame on user

wenhan Posts: 146 ✭✭

I just want to rant a bit.

I received a warning message in my inbox today saying I violated referral code posting rules by making more than 2 posts a day on May 13. The message basically feels very accusatory like I didn't bother to read or follow the rules properly.

Except that I did read the rules and I only make 2 posts each day. May 12 (Sunday) I submit two posts to the referral code thread. On May 13 (Monday), I make two posts in the same thread. Being a new user, my posts do not appear until a Whizz approves it. Looking at my post log, it shows 2 posts being made at 6:13 am followed by 2 posts at 11:03 am. It is apparent that Whizz don't work on Sundays and instead approves posts on Monday. So instead of my legitimate 2 posts a day following forum rules, I end up with 4 post in 1 day due to actions by Whizz. And now, I'm being reprimanded for something I didn't even do…

It's been several hours since I responded to their accusatory warning and yet no apologies or acknowledgement has been sent. As a new user, this leaves a very bad impression on me. As a mod, instead of being so gung ho about following your rules, maybe try and understand the particularities of your system and how it can create circumstances that cause violations of your rules on no fault of the user.