Question on Fizz's phone plan deals

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Hi Community, 7 month fizz user here 🤚 Just wondering if there is a newsletter or something when some plans get a deal. I know the 4G/month went down last month to 22$ (if I remember correctly), but I missed it. Thank you in advance!


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    Hi @fdurocher

    Sorry, you need to check yourself once or twice a month or follow the forum

  • BlueGiant_L57D2
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    Hi @fdurocher,

    Fizz does not communicate its price changes to subscribers.

    You should regularly consult the link below :

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Unfortunately there is not! You have to check yourself or be active here on the forum or external website/communities where some very kind people use to share the updates on pricing

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