Coverage "Canada + USA" - can I still use the perks data in the States?

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If I choose coverage "Canada + USA", but leave the rest (see 1st screenshot) the same as I'm in Canada can I still get to use my perks data from Fizz (see 2nd screenshot)in the States? Or that's only for Canada? Also I have 250gb/500gb monthly that I get from Fizz after a certain period of being with Fizz. Will that work in the States too?

Since I didn't choose "International calls", but chose "Canada + USA" do I get unlimited texts and minutes; voicemail in the US? My understanding is that international is anything outside "Canada".

Sorry this is my first time, changing the plan as I might be travelling to the States only for a weekend. I think data is what I'd be interested in.

Thank you in advance.

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    @Pascal Thanks great to know. So no worrying about roaming issues since it's already in the plan.

    Then why the "International calls" option then? It would be outside Canada & USA? Such as France, Mexico etc.?


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