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Hi there community
Heading to Europe and got me an Ubigi eSIM. Not sure if I should leave the primary line with roaming on or off. I didn’t get a travel add on from Fizz, would I still receive calls and SMS? Using an iPhone if this matters so I’m assuming iMessages would still work as long as there’s data on my Ubigi

So… roaming on or off?
Will the phone ring and receive sms?

Thank you and pardon of the question was already been asked an answered can’t seem to find it.


  • elena code xzi4t
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    Hi @pmplama

    If you don't have money in the wallet, I will keep the roaming on

    The incoming SMS are free everywhere

    If the phone ring, you will not able to answer the call will drop

    With Fizz you will not be charged is a prepaid service

  • Pascal
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    Hi @pmplama

    You will always receive text messages and iMessages

    Have a good day

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