Does Fizz have a link like Koodo to check if number can be ported?

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Like the title says. Does Fizz have a link like Koodo does so we can input a phone number to see if it can be ported to Fizz? I have a number on a VOIP app that I'd like to port. I've read somewhere that Fizz doesn't allow porting from VOIP apps. I can always port to another service with the cheapest plan then port over to Fizz if needed. Thoughts?

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    Hi @Chalupa_Batman

    Yes you are right only mobile number from a coverage subscription zone can be ported, therefore, mobile phone number from Koodo can be ported (if in the subscription area), VoIP number cannot be ported.

    What you can do is to port the VoIP number to a mobile provider and after to Fizz.

    Note that a number transfer cannot be done on a line that is already active with Fizz.

    Your phone number must be a mobile number. If it's associated with a landline or VOIP, it cannot be transferred over to Fizz. Same goes for an administrative phone number — for example, a number associated with an organization or public institution.

    If your number starts with an area code outside the Fizz subscription area, your number cannot be transferred.


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    Hi @Chalupa_Batman

    You must choose from the options available to you on the website

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    When i switch from koodo to fizz, i was able to keep my number. You’ll be able to see if you can keep when selecting your plan an setting up your sim card :). Hope this helps

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    I think you are gonna discover that during the activation procedure, when you select that you want to port your number

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    I didn't see that but I think it tells you if you cannot port it during the registration process...

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