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Hi there,

I've recently received my sim card and went to port over my phone number from Telus. I've had this number for over a decade, it was purchased in Ottawa. It is a 343 number which is also Ottawa and within the subscription area. Prior to purchasing my sim card, I was under the impression that only the area code needs to be within the subscription area.

The prefix in my phone number happens to be in the Pembroke area of (343)369, which is outside the subscription zone. Is this the reason my number won't port over?

My only other guess is that it is due to having just paid off my balance at my most recent service provider and it isn't updated yet.

I would be very disappointed if this is because of the number prefix, as nowhere on the site suggests the prefix needs to be within the subscription area. I spent $15 on the sim card under the impression my number could be ported. Not being able to port my number is a make or break for me, unfortunately.

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    Welcome with us

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    Did you eventually manage to port your number?

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    I don't think you can port the number 

  • Gramart
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    We should wait for an answer at this point...

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    You mentioned the proper things I guess, verify your balance has been cleared and that your number belongs to the coverage area

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