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There is an article describing how to return the modem. There is also a description about the box to pack it into.

But this subject is not there: Can I just use the box the modem came with, closed with tape?

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    I mean, if the modem came with the same box it should be fine. Check that the box is in good condition and the modem is well protected inside!


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    Hi @ankman

    The box should be sturdy enough to protect the modem

    From the guide

    Pack the modem carefully

    Important: Make sure that nothing is taped on the modem, and its barcode is legible.

    Find a box that is not too big to make sure the modem is snug and not tossed around. A box of size 12 ¼ x 9 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches is ideal. The box must also be sufficiently sturdy, so the modem is well protected. Canada Post has guidelines on the best way to wrap a package for shipping.

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    Well yes. The modem came inside this box. Suppose it's fine to ship it back in it.

    Box was left untouched over the years. I just re-use it if there are no objections.

    One note to FIZZ' web page on how to return the modem. I notice many people ask what address to ship it. Suppose you don't need to know because the post clerk will handle all for you. If correct, FIZZ should in my opinion add a note to this page, to avoid these questions in the future.

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