Fizz modem and my router- an alleged impossibility?

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Can you help me more than a fizz technician? They suggested I ask on here:

"I do understand that and I can say I am in a similar situation since you've presented me your case today, but this is the next best option in line, given the situation does surpass our capabilities and visibility, especially since it shouldn't have been possible at all with our modem. It doesn't hurt to give it a shot, perhaps you can get something useful to help you in the matter from someone that is trained extensively on the subject when it comes to technology and routers and how they work together in general, especially since such general knowledge does surpass our field of expertise."


When I moved to fizz a couple of years ago I had a weak signal at the back of my apartment.

Fizz custo service guided me to install another router at the middle of my house. It had ethernet FROM my fizz modem, as well as gave ethernet to my Firestick fob so I wasn't watching tv with crappy wifi signal. It also had two networks with their own IDs and their own passwords, different from the fizz modem at the front of my house. ( so I had 2.4 and 5 from Fizz and 2.4 and 5 from Asus)

I do not recall ever touching a "bridge" setting in my fizz modem's interface. Regardless, I have asked fizz to set this up again because my secondary router crapped out, and they say it should never have been possible. I asked if it was an access point situation and they said not possible.

Can anyone tell me what the heck I was guided to do years ago and how I can do it again? It was not a simple wifi repeater because the networks were different names and passwords

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    Hi @Kayelle

    The best way to solve your problem is to change the wifi channels manually on your router to avoid congestion. I'll give you an example, if there are too many routers on channel 8, there can be congestion and wifi signal problems. Changing to another channel will resolve the issue. There are certain applications on Android and Apple App Store that allow you to check the channels that your router is using and those of your neighbors. You can check with these applications which channels are the least congested and subsequently set your router to that particular channel.

    You can also reset your fizz router by pressing the back button.

    I wish you a great day :)

    Take care of yourself

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    Just to reiterate,

    the Fizz Modem was giving out ethernet signal and two bands of wifi.

    The Asus Router was giving out ethernet signal and two bands of wifi.

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    Looks like you were using your Asus router in Access Point mode.

    If you did it previously you should manage to do it again. There are multiple articles that explain how to do it. Just to name a few:

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    Sorry, I don't know how to help you but I find it interesting that a Fizz technician told you to ask for help here because they weren't able to help you

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    Maybe you should contact Fizz's support directly to talk about this issue.

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    Did you find a solution to your issue? Please share it if you did...

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    I hope someone who did the same in the community can help you out with this...

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