Can I "try now, port later"

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Hi, stumbled on Fizz a couple years ago before it was available on my region and was intrigued. It was the best priced player by miles. Thankfully the market has shifted significantly since then.

I see Fizz is now rolling out in southern Ontario and I would like to give it a shot because I like the flexibility of the DIY plan and the data rollover.

My hesitation is that I have a really good boxing day deal from Public Mobile. I'd like to try Fizz and test their coverage and usability with my phone (an old Note 9 that ostensibly supports VoLTE but is not certified by Fizz). And in particular, coverage during my train commute to work.

It would not like to give up my Public Mobile plan if Fizz doesn't work for my needs, but I also don't want to lose my phone number if I choose to switch to Fizz permanently.

As far as I can tell, when I activate the Fizz SIM, I have to port the number immediately or choose a number. Is there no option to port the number later?

The PM plan is actually a little better price wise than a similarly-featued Fizz plan (after the 6 month beta) and needing to buy a second SIM card would eat into any savings from the beta period, so I'm wondering whether I should just cut my losses on the cost of the first SIM card and give up on Fizz.

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    Hi @ConorUA

    No you cannot port the number later.

    But you can do this

    Buy a SIM, try the service, you have 15 days, there are some conditions

    After you cancel the plan and the plan is closed, you can reuse the SIM, however, you cannot apply the referral code, to get the 25$ credit, since you can use the referral code only to the first plan in an account. But you can sell the SIM or use it in another account 😉

    Cancelling during the trial period.

    Issuing you a refund is an essential component of our 15-day trial period. The trial period for members with an approved Proof of disability is 30 days.


    Trial period refunds apply only to your plan’s monthly payment. Additional expenses such as Add-Ons, Travel Add-Ons and other expenses made via your Fizz wallet will not be refunded.


    To receive your refund you must not have exceeded:

    The 15 days of the trial period (or 30 days for members with an approved Proof of disability);

    50% of the data included in your monthly plan (unless you are a member with an approved Proof of disability).


    If you respect the above criteria when you cancel your plan within the trial period, your cancellation request will be activated immediately and your refund will be done automatically.

    If you need to have a referral code, you can pick mine is in my alias after code, or you can pick one from here


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    As Elena already explained, basically you can try Fizz without porting your number. Then, if you are satisfied with the service you can cancel the temporary Fizz plan and create a new one by porting the old number from the old provider. To do that you could either use a new account with the same SIM card or the same account without the possibility of using the referral anymore tho because you already use it the first time. If something is not clear let us know and we can further clarify. It's always nice to emphasize the Fizz is one of the few if not the only mobile carrier that let you reuse the SIM card.

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