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Hello everyone, I have the LG Velvet 5G purchased from fizz and I recently switch a fully functional sim card into it from another phone. This is my current phone number, not a new sim and everything works, data exchange is fine on cell network. The problem is that I cannot send text messages, I can receive but not send. I have unlimited text on my plan and I have installed the network parameters sent fromm fizz (2 messages installed fine). All network parameters seem to be fine but no can send text messages.

Please help

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    Hi @eric N. #39105

    Fizz has this guide that probably can help you

    I read multiple post, where they suggested checking the SMSC, since you already checked that you have unlimited text

    Did the SMS work on the previous phone?

    The number to the SMSC is configured ok?

    Make sure your phone is correctly configured for the Short Message Service Center (SMSC).

    The number configured in your phone must be: 1-514-424-0053.

    The process can vary from one phone model to another. Here are two examples:

    Verification on Android: Applications → Touch the Messaging icon → Context Menu (the three points at the top of the screen) → Settings → More Settings → Text Messages 

    If this doesn't solve the problem I believe that you should contact the support, stay on the guide, and click on the green bubble that you can find on the bottom right of the page


  • eric N. #39105
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    the number 514-424-0053 is configured correctly but txt still not sending

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    If you can try in a different phone this can give a more information, but I believe that you need to contact the support

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    Hi @eric N. #39105

    Have u tried to reset to factory your phone? I think it's should works after this step.

    If it don't work, try your sim in another phone. I think it's not a network cause, but a phone cause.

    Have a nice day :)

    It's been a pleasure to assist you, i'll be here if u have more questions :)

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    @eric N. #39105 let us know if you manage to fix your issue and what it was causing it

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